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June 10, 2013 / 23:13
More than 5 years ago

«Afrodita is searching for a dress»

Group exhibition this Tuesday, I also take a part at:


The opening:
11/6/13 20:00
Hariviera Gallery
Ben Gurion St. X Nordau St., Bat Yam

All the revenues will be donated to «Alut» (The Israeli Society for Autistic Children)

Some press:
Castro Magazine

The brief was to create kind of a clothes inspired by water mythology. As an inspiration I took a Japanese river creature Kappa:


Kappas are very strange creatures (there is a great article about them in Wikipedia). For example: «…They are sometimes said to take their victims for the purpose of drinking their blood, eating their livers or gaining power by taking their shirikodama, a mythical ball said to contain their soul which is located inside the anus.» WTF?!

But as there are not such a thing in Japanese mythology, as «pure evil» or «pure good», Kappas can be also funny, childish and even helpful. They are also very polite:

«The defining characteristic of the Kappa is the hollow cavity atop its head. This saucer-like depression holds a strength-giving fluid. Should you chance upon the quarrelsome Kappa, please remember to bow deeply. If the courteous Kappa bows in return, it will spill its strength-giving water, making it feeble, and forcing it to return to its water kingdom. „

Some Japanese parents tell this story while teaching their kids to bow politely.

And now for the doll. In the beginning she was naked and purely white. Hard working conditions in the terrace :)

My daughter helped a lot with a technical part. During the work she called the doll „Bubanee“.

For a few weeks we had a feeling that somebody is hiding behind the door. Every time somebody else cried out in fright, while trying to leave the house.

Eventually, our Bubanee got her dress. I’m not sure in what occasion one can wear this thing…

Afrodita-Bubanee tries to impress our neighbors with her new dress:

And this is how my Afrodita looks like in the gallery. I took this photo from Castro’s article above

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#1 Sharmon Davidson   June 15, 2013 / 21:57
As a teacher of kids with special needs, I’m very happy to see that the money will go to a very good cause. I work with autistic children, as well as those with other disabilities. They can often be delightful, but need so much one-on-one assistance.

Your Aphrodite is wonderful- I would wear that dress anywhere! As for the kappas- wtf, indeed! I’ve never heard of souls residing in the anus, but I’m fairly certain that kappas must have a great sense of humor, considering where they have to find their food!

Good luck with the show!

Lena Revenko     June 20, 2013 / 00:04
thank you, Sharmon! :)

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