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November 17, 2017 / 02:55
More than 2 years ago

Olympia’s weekend (after Manet)

Last weeks I was working on my new painting «Olympia’s weekend».

It is homage to Manet’s «Olympia» famous painting, but also to amazing moving sculpture by Paul Spooner. I saw it a few years ago in automata’s exhibition, and was absolutely charmed. The black lady became an egyptian god Anubis, and you can see how annoyed Olympia is breathing heavily, but shows no attention to him.

Olympia by Paul Spooner.

This is the oryginal Olympia by Manet, (c. 1863):

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Tags: portrait, inspiration, funny, art process, Olympia

October 7, 2015 / 09:18
More than 4 years ago

Monsters! Monsters! Monsters!

My masterclass at «Family Paint» had great success! Kids and parents made many funny monsters!


cool monsters made in my workshop

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Tags: art process, children, collaboration, exhibitions, funny, handmade, inspiration, itay, life in tel aviv, my_life

May 7, 2015 / 22:32
More than 5 years ago

my tattoo

Well, ok, it is not a real tattoo. I doubt I’ll ever have one. It is because I have a problem to commit to only one image :) But I would like to see myself with some tattoos I designed. And this is a first one:


I put a printable file here, in case someone wants to make it for real. And if you do it, send me a photo, please :)

monster tattoo file

Tags: funny, my projects, tattoos

February 22, 2015 / 00:54
More than 5 years ago

monkeys in my closets :)



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Tags: art process, funny, my art

March 21, 2013 / 00:38
More than 7 years ago

Family photo?

What a strange vintage photo I found today on the internet:


Tags: funny, inspiration, reference, vintage

January 27, 2013 / 15:46
More than 7 years ago


I just finished series of cutouts for exhibition of miniatures. My daughter is ill home, so we had some fun by photographing them in unexpected locations.


cutouts are everywhere!

Tags: art process, funny, little portraits, my art, stupid ideas

December 28, 2012 / 18:47
More than 7 years ago

Spooky children

On the way from theater class my children scared passers-by. I think we should try it at night :)


to see some more spooky little girls

Tags: children, funny, inspiration, michelle, my_life, romy

June 29, 2011 / 20:20
More than 9 years ago

kids’ portraits

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Tags: children, funny, michelle, my_life, romy, stupid ideas

June 25, 2011 / 22:25
More than 9 years ago


I found a very strange photo among my photos. I took it. I find the composition amusing. But absolutely don’t remember, what can it be?


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Tags: funny, life in tel aviv, stupid ideas, urban

June 21, 2011 / 10:48
More than 9 years ago

mirror, mirror on the wall

I like when something that looks like art pops up from unexpected places. Like a mirror effect on my web camera — for days I’m absolutely ensorcelled by it’s accidental symmetry.



Tags: My working place, art process, funny, my art

February 14, 2011 / 15:37
More than 9 years ago

strange procession in the middle of Tel Aviv

interesting, what was it? My guess — kind of protest against plastic surgery…


Tags: funny, life in tel aviv, streetart, stupid ideas, urban

March 25, 2008 / 12:25
More than 12 years ago

like and love in Japanese

Yesterday I had a lesson, the subject was preferences, «I like», «I don’t like», «I’m good in» etc.
So I asked Yukiko, how to say «I love you» in Japanese. I asked it before, but didn’t remember what she said, and that’s why:
 — We don’t say «I love you», — she said, — we use only «I like you». «I love you» is old-fashion. Nobody uses it, except of old people. Or soap-operas on TV. It’s an exaggeration.

I was puzzled.

 — But if you want to tell somebody that you love him, what do you say?
 — «I like you». Or «I like you a lot».
 — Using the same verb as you say «I like this book»?
 — Yes.
 — Hm, but, Yukiko… How do you distinguish in Japanese someone you only like and someone you really love?
 — You can tell him: «I want to take care of you, please, come to live with me».
 — Hehe! And what happened to all the vocabulary for relationship between «I like you» and «Come to live with me»? And if you don’t have a place to live together? How you express love?
 — Lena, — said Yukiko, — in Japan we don’t talk about love, because it’s something expressed with actions. The other side has to feel it from you. If he needs words from you, you’re doing something wrong.


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March 23, 2008 / 13:24
More than 12 years ago


Last Purim, a happy holiday in Israel when everybody dresses up with costumes, my daughter was a Little Red Hood (I think she has started a new fashion in Tel Aviv, most of the girls were dressed as queen Esther or Fairy, or Princess):


and I was hm… I don’t know, a Queen of Ugly Monkeys, perhaps :)



Tags: funny, michelle, my_life

December 28, 2007 / 00:20
More than 12 years ago

Couple a days ago I’ve visited a «Everything for 1$» shop at the central bus station. I love these shops, because alone with tons of garbage they sell interesting stuff, and sometimes even real «diamonds». This time I didn’t find any diamonds, but was really entertained by a cemetery of disproportional, fat, full of cellulite spidermen.


Tags: funny, life in tel aviv

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