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October 27, 2011 / 08:54
More than 9 years ago

few pictures from my short trip to Brussels and Paris

with my friend Karin Kails.
music by one of my favorite French singers Syrano

Tags: inspiration, my friends, my_life, streetart, travel, urban

April 24, 2011 / 21:09
More than 9 years ago

back from Bruxelles

Came back from Bruxelles where I’ve visited my friend Karin who lives there. Some photos:

I keep asking myself: why, why am I hate so much being back from abroad? I liked my life pretty much before I left. So why all I see for the few first hours is one big uncontrolled mess? The only comforting point is that I already know from the «previous chapters»: the time will pass by, and I’ll like everything back. Even though the mess will stay.

Tags: inspiration, it's complicated, my friends, travel

February 21, 2011 / 02:06
More than 10 years ago

winter in Tel Aviv

to run in a cold sea water in the middle of the winter…



Tags: children, life in tel aviv, michelle, my friends, my_life

February 5, 2011 / 01:30
More than 10 years ago

Yakov Feldman

For The first time in my life I’m a happy owner of amazing piece of art, which I got by exchange works with famous russian-born israeli artist Yakov Feldman. It is full of dark, gloomy power.


p.s. Спасибо, Яша!

Tags: inspiration, my friends, russian

February 8, 2009 / 14:08
More than 12 years ago


yesterday I had guests :)



Tags: my_life, my friends, my art, My working place

November 30, 2008 / 01:03
More than 12 years ago

Visit to Moscow


Recently my friend Karin (who lives in Berlin) and I met in Moscow. Last time I’ve been to Moscow I was twelve, and could only remember a very tasty ice-cream I ate on Exhibition Grounds, and that my cousin Sasha, whose room I occupied during that visit, had a very cool kind of calculator, which could generate mathematical exercises as a game. This time I had definitely more memories. This city is beautiful, sexy, intriguing, but also cruel, clinical and very cold in every respect.

press here to see some photos from my trip >>>

Tags: travel, russian, my_life, my friends, inspiration, urban

July 10, 2008 / 17:15
More than 12 years ago


Yesterday, while I was making obsessive dots and tiny lines on that monster from the previous post, my friend Lilach was drawing beautiful sketches with ink:



Tags: art process, my friends

June 2, 2008 / 23:37
More than 12 years ago

My Secret Face

Last year my friend, industrial designer Inbal Musai and me created a jewelery brand «MySecretFace». The idea was to make something partly hidden, therefore more private and personal (hm, I see I deal a lot with «secrets» recently…) Inbal created beautiful shapes from porcelain, and I made illustrations for them:


more about the project


Tags: collaboration, handmade, my friends, my projects

May 22, 2008 / 22:09
More than 12 years ago

Stamp for Karin

I made this sketch for a stone stamp for my dear friend Karin, who came from Germany to meet me in China. Karin liked it. The artisan who curved, was a bit stressed when he saw that we want not a usual «Your name in English and Chinese, ready in 5 minutes!», but finally, did a great job.


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Tags: handmade, my friends, sketchbooks, travel

November 3, 2007 / 05:02
More than 13 years ago

Pictures for Tima’s room

These are pictures I made for my little friend Tima for his first birthday. During the last war, Tima’s parents, originally from Haifa, were livin in our home. It was just before he were born.

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