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August 9, 2018 / 23:18
More than year ago

Magic Forest exhibition, part 1

I take part in Documenta 1, the multi-art exhibition in Froots gallery in Shanghai, and I was asked to tell some stories behind my art. Sometimes when I tell my stories people are disappointed, because they have their own stories and connections. So I usually more curious to ask what the visitors feel and think about my works without giving any clear answer. But sometimes I do share my inspirations, and here are some of them:

Demon, sitting.
…He wandered, now long-since outcast;
his desert had no refuge in it:
and one by one the ages passed,
as minute follows after minute,
each one monotonously dull.
The world he ruled was void and null;
the ill he sowed in his existence
brought no delight. His technique scored,
he found no traces of resistance —
yet evil left him deeply bored.«
(M. Y. Lermontov „Demon“)

This is my homage to Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel’s work „The Demon Sitting“. It used to be my favorite painting when I was 13. I am not sure why, but I liked that this strong, handsome and full of power Demon can be sad, quiet and almost crying. Vrubel was a symbolist. Symbolism was an art movement in the beginning of XX century. Symbolists (very briefly) wanted to show some comlicated feelings and emotions. They took archetypal characters that already has meaning for most of the people (like demon, angel, princess, knight etc) and show the feelings on them.

Demon, Sitting

My Demon is a Black Fox. I use this character in other paintings, and this is how I imagine Don Juan. My Black Fox comes to lonely women and seduces them. But he also has his moments of loneliness and sadness…

more about symbolism, Vrubel, and his Demon

more about my inspiration for Magic Forest

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July 4, 2018 / 01:20
More than year ago

Nirit and me are working on our Magic Forest collection

The last month I am working on something I never did before. It’s a collaboration with amazing international glass jewelry artist Nirit Dekel. We did before a few projects with my decals on her glass beads and paper monkeys that play with glass, but now it is something else, and I’m fascinated about the process and where it all goes. The idea is to combine my painting with Nirit’s objects, made out of wood and «growing» glass. Here are some photos from the process:




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July 2, 2018 / 22:09
More than year ago

Limor about my exhibition in Fresh Paint

I just found this video)) Better later than never, as we say in Russian. Limor Margulis, the owner of Nox gallery talks about my works at Fresh Paint 10.

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